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Community Manager

Job Description

The home-from-home environment at Beehive Lofts has been Manchester’s unofficial shared work-space of choice since we opened our doors in 2014.

From humble beginnings, we have designed and evolved what we believe to be the best version of a work-space. Our luxurious environment pitched at an accessible price has attracted a diverse community of genuinely lovely people. We call them our members.

This growing member base is in the need of a happy new face, with brains and resourcefulness to match. We’re looking for someone that has a deep desire to help others and finds joy in their happiness and success.

This isn’t just a front of house role, we’re on the lookout for a multi-talented, charismatic problem solver. Someone that’s as comfortable talking business as they are serving up breakfast and resolving building issues with the greater team.

If you’re out there, we’re excited to meet you. But, you better act fast we’re starting interviews at the beginning of September.


A Little About The Role

    • Assisting in all stages of the member journey.
    • Facilitating the well-being and happiness of all members through personal introductions, social/community events, work-space maintenance, operations management and the resolution of issues.
    • Demonstrating Beehive’s core values and expectations by being a positive presence for all members.

A Breakdown Of The Role

  • Develop and coordinate community initiatives to connect members. This includes but is not limited to; member introductions, event organising, electronic and print communications.
  • Coordinate events to benefit members, and review for adequate procedural safeguards.
  • Guide new members through the welcome process and explain Beehive policies and procedures including but not limited to membership agreement and billing procedures.
  • Meet and communicate with members to resolve issues, process membership departures and other issues of complexity.
  • Resolve member-related issues to ensure a happy, cohesive community.
  • Manage member expectations in line with the Beehive mission.
  • Resolve member complaints regarding other members through unbiased investigation and process termination of membership when warranted.
  • Seek opportunities to engage members to discover and discuss members’ business, social and personal objectives.
  • Proactively gather data on members’ business objectives and identify both Beehive and member services that could assist in achieving their goals.
  • Design and implement rules, guidelines and best practices for the community to enhance member experience.
  • Identify and communicate observed weaknesses within community management, sales, events, training, and member experience on a company-wide level.
  • Show discretion in guiding prospective members, including possibly gate keeping where business may not be in the interests of greater community.
  • Manage various building operations and communicate with management to ensure highest level of member satisfaction.



Apply through email

Want to apply? Send an email to [email protected] with your introduction and CV attached. 


This job application is open until August 31st. If selected, the next step will be a video call or face to face interview.


£24k with a bi-yearly increase capping at £28k.


If selected, you will be working from our Ancoats location.



This is a fulltime position. You’re required to work 40 hours spread over 5 days a week.

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